HMRC Tax Excuse

15 Jan Self Assessment – Top 10 worst excuses and expense claims

We’ve all heard excuses for being late – but here’s five genuine excuses that people tried to use in order to explain their tardiness to HMRC…

  1. My mother-in-law is a witch and put a curse on me
  2. I’m too short to reach the post box
  3. I was just too busy – my first maid left, my second maid stole from me, and my third maid was very slow to learn
  4. Our junior member of staff registered our client in Self Assessment by mistake because they were not wearing their glasses
  5. My boiler was broken, and my fingers were too cold to type

Here’s a top tip from us – don’t try these out on HMRC!

5 expenses claims you should think twice about

As accountants, we let our clients know which expenses are permissible to claim. Even more importantly, we can advise which expenses not to claim.

HMRC has thoughtfully shared a list of expenses submitted to them that it may be best not to try and claim:

  1. Claiming £900 for a 55-inch TV and sound bar to help price jobs – as a carpenter
  2. £40 on extra woolly underwear, for five years
  3. £756 for pet dog insurance
  4. A music subscription, for listening to music while working
  5. A family holiday to Nigeria

You won’t be surprised to hear that all these excuses and expenses were unsuccessful, and rejected by HMRC.

HMRC will treat those with genuine excuses leniently, as they focus on those who persistently fail to complete their tax returns and deliberate tax evaders. The excuse must be genuine and they might ask for evidence. Customers who provide HMRC with a reasonable excuse before the 31 January deadline can avoid a penalty after this date.

If you need any help with completing your self assessment return please contact us.